Aberdeen & District Cerebral Palsy Association - also known as CPA - is a small, local charity whose prime function is to assist individuals of all ages and their families affected by Cerebral Palsy (CP) or other related conditions.

The Spastics Association, a UK charity was founded in 1951.  It was felt that the local community would be better served by having a local organisation and, therefore, the Aberdeen & Districts Spastics Association was formed in 1975,  At a later date, the name was changed to Aberdeen and District Cerebral Palsy Association.

The association complements the acute services provided by the NHS and assists with funding for services and equipment not normally provided the NHS.  

A Parent/Carer Group was formed in 2015 and meets occasionally during the year to enable families to share experiences and gain support from people in similar situations. We have held 3 Christmas parties and a sports fun day for families affected by Cerebral Palsy.

Money is raised through fundraising events and donations.  All applications for funding require written support from a health professional e.g. physiotherapist.

Our small committee of 7 are:   

  • Chairperson - June Waters                
  • Vice Chairperson - Susan Strachan
  • Secretary/Treasurer  - Michelle Byrne
  • Rhona Jarvis
  • Lesley Moir
  • Jessica Chisholm
  • Peter Hickling

For all general enquiries please contact us by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Date of next meeting to consider funding requests: 25th September 2018



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